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Our customers are individual and each require specific solutions which we work hard to deliver. Norwegian global energy company Statoil undertakes extensive oil exploration and extraction operations in the Goliat Fields, which is located in the deep and challenging waters of the Barents Sea where shuttle tankers with dynamic positioning (DP) capabilities are essential.

With the search for energy reaching deeper waters, our customers are increasingly requiring specialist dynamic positioning (DP) expertise. Often it is not possible to lay pipelines in these new oil fields and our customers are seeking to charter DP-capable offtake tankers to service their wellheads.

Protection of the natural environment is extremely important to our customers and we have an active programme in place to ensure that new tonnage joining our fleet is significantly kinder to the planet than the vessels they replace.

Many of our customers transport oil in tankers that are too large to enter their respective discharge ports. Our solution is to provide specialist lightering services to transfer the cargo from larger vessels to smaller ships more suited to local ports. Lightering is part of the comprehensive, value added service we deliver to our customers across the world.

We strive to deliver innovative and bespoke solutions for our customers. In June 2011, we were awarded a 20-year contract to supply two modular capture vessels (MCVs) to the Marine Well Containment Company (MWCC) – a consortium of the world’s leading oil companies created to mitigate risks relating to drilling and extraction activities in the US Gulf.